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Listing Statistics
Most clicks Goldendoodle (1713)
Most views Labrador Retriever (16748)
Most compares Labrador Retriever (38518)
Most recently updated
7/3/2014 American Eskimo- Toy, Miniature, Standard
3/7/2012 German Shepherd
3/7/2012 English Bulldog
3/6/2012 American Bulldog
3/6/2012 Bernese Mountain Dog
Best Rated By Users
Coat Boxer (7.95/10)
Grooming and Shedding Affenpinscher (7.9/10)
Activity Border Collie (7.87/10)
Size Boxer (7.5/10)
Tolerances Boxer (8.59/10)
Intelligence Australian Shepherd (8.68/10)
Temper Poodle- Standard (8.18/10)
Health Problems Poodle- Standard (7.18/10)
Average Life Expectancy Golden Retriever (7.38/10)
Worst Rated by Users
Coat Affenpinscher (5.4/10)
Grooming and Shedding Pug (5/10)
Activity Affenpinscher (5/10)
Size Beagle (5.36/10)
Tolerances Dachshund- Toy, Miniature, Standard (4.85/10)
Intelligence Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (5.3/10)
Temper Dachshund- Toy, Miniature, Standard (5/10)
Health Problems Chihuahua (5/10)
Average Life Expectancy Dachshund- Toy, Miniature, Standard (5.7/10)
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