Compare Canines offers businesses a unique opportunity to capture the attention of people looking for the perfect dog breed. Whether you offer dog products and accessories, dog breeding, dog grooming, or something else, Compare Canines will send potential customers to your website.

Advertising on Compare Canines is not the waste of money it is in other non-specific mediums. The people that visit Compare Canines are in the market for dog-related products and services right now.

Compare Canines has visitors looking for products and services specific to dog lovers. Put your product in front of them while they're looking for a dog. Don't wait until they've decided and gone somewhere else.

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We offer a highly visible 468x60 banner slot available and it runs across 100% of the site. Your advertisement can be made up of flash, HTML, or be in a standard image format (.jpg, .png, .gif). The total file size must be less than 20KB. Please note: Flash banners must be created so that they are internally hyperlinked to the proper destination URL and are clickable.

Pricing offers several pricing options to meet your needs. CompareCanines has a CPM of just $1 and this makes it cost effective and easy to advertise on our site.


Your ad will be run until the number of impressions or clicks purchased runs out. It will be a run-of-site campaign to a very targeted audience.


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Compare Canines is the most unique comparison site on the Internet. It allows users to evaluate 159 different breeds, while selecting their criteria from over 50 features. serves over 7,500+ unique visitors each month. In addition, every visitor that comes to Compare Canines is looking to make a decision on a dog breed, which makes it a unique and captive advertising space.

Month Unique Visitors Visits Page Views
November 2013 9,674 23,585 142,896
October 2013 8,308 19,905 122,130
September 2013 7,524 17,535 109,471
August 2013 7,972 18,186 144,821
July 2013 7,675 17,696 143,702
June 2013 7,266 15,869 105,463
May 2013 7,080 15,207 103,565
April 2013 7,515 18,788 112,498
March 2013 7,680 19,080 120,398
February 2013 6,937 15,466 96,798
January 2013 7,367 16,987 104,260
December 2012 7,391 17,846 103,277




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